Peter Johnson
– The Time Retriever Quote: “Success starts with a vision, a quest for knowledge, and is shaped with good planning and taking action.” Expert on: Coaching, speaking, training, time management, efficiency. About Peter Johnson Principal at The Time Retriever coaching and training enterprise, Peter is a testament to a well managed life. For nearly 30 years, in senior management roles and running several businesses, Peter was seen by his staff and colleagues as someone who has ‘mastered time’. Shortage of time is the battle cry for many, whether in their business or personal lives. “There are only 24 hours in a day. I just can’t get it all done,” appeared to be the number one complaint everywhere he worked. Because he was better than most, his staff and colleagues would ask for his advice in how they could better manage theirs. After years of coaching dozens of people, he turned his experience, expertise and passion into a viable business. Peter is now a much sought after coach, trainer and speaker. There are no secrets to successful time management. You can’t add hours to the day, but you can learn to prioritize, develop effective ways to say no to distractions and interruptions, take charge of your life and accomplish the things that really matter. Peter enjoys helping others get out of poor time habits and bring huge improvements to their work and their lives. His engaging presentations espouse the principles that make him an effective coach and trainer. His relaxed and interactive style makes him an commanding and influential speaker. Qualifications and accomplishments Diploma of Management Certified in supervision, small business management and training and assessment Certified in Assessment of Informal Learning Telstra Business of the Year nominee As a business productivity coach In both one on one and group sessions, our coaching is designed to improve business structures and strategies, so you can focus on being the business, not running the business. Based on proven productivity indicators, we help you develop the action plans to manage both the daily and long-term objectives of your business and personal life. As a trainer/facilitator The training is driven by the knowledge gained from years of listening to clients and staff and hearing the same complaints about ‘not getting it done’. Running a business requires skills that are different from managing people. Learning the difference and maintaining a balance is what gives you ‘time’ to do both well. That’s what our programs are about. And we take the time to do it well. Training Programs Coaching A coaching strategy built on a foundation of ‘the 4 inescapable components of controlling your day’ – planning, time management, self discipline, and people management skills that will help you stop procrastinating, use resources effectively and delegate in order to become an effective leader. Time Management The Time Retriever Time Management intensive workshop is designed to help you appreciate the importance of time management. This 1 day intensive workshop will: • Develop proven time management techniques and strategies • Provide the templates and process for a quarterly action plan • Improve effective self and people management skills to help take control of your day • Start the process for a longer term accountability coaching sessions Step 2: The Time Retriever 12 Month Time Management Group Coaching Program is designed to implement the skills learned in the Time Management Intensive. Using the good habits and practicing the skills will bring extraordinary results. Coaching keeps you focused and accountable for the targets you set for yourself. Sales Sales training is not just about how to get the sale and close the sale. It’s about how to do it efficiently and effectively. Patience and timing are the most critical ingredients in closing sales. Ensuring that your time is spent well is your responsibility. We show you how. You will: • Learn to break down your sales targets into easily achievable goals • Identify the activities essential for better results • Identify priorities for maximum results. Management Training Managing people and managing projects are about managing time. We show you how you can do both well by managing your time…not others. You will: • Build communication skills for clarity and influence • Create daily plans through focused prioritization • Learn self-discipline skills to reduce constant interruptions and distractions. As a speaker Peter’s focus is on the success factors needed to effectively manage your time and your life. Time management is the catch all for the need for control. But without the foundational skills of self management and using available resources, both people and tools, just ticking off a ‘to do list’ becomes a waste of time. In talks and workshops, participants develop the skills to change habits and patterns. Speaking topics • Manage what’s important to you • Time management success skills • Learning to say ‘No’ • The Power of Setting Realistic Goals • A To Do List Is A Waste of Time • Turn Time Into Sales • Business Mum’s and The Time Trap • The Admin Time Machine • Control My Day, Managing Childcare? You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me! • Time and Action As A Network Marketer Testimonials: “Peter Johnson of The Time Retriever presented at our 2014, 2015 and 2016 conferences on the subjects of both time management and marketing. He is a warm and engaging presenter with a very strong knowledge base and a wealth of experience to provide real life examples to his audience. Delegates who have attended Peter’s sessions have overwhelmingly given positive feedback and have gone on to engage Peter in a private capacity. I have found Peter a delight to work with and a valuable addition to our conference programs. I have no hesitation in recommending Peter.” Philippa Valder, Australian Childcare Alliance Victoria Contact Info Phone 1300 794 401

“A To Do List Is A Waste Of Time” – The presentation provides audiences an understanding on why, after doing all of their planning, as well as planning their week and their days, they struggle to get things done. It shows them why this happens and what further skills are required to actually get control of their day and get things done. It also provides them with key actions they can take straight away, that will have immediate impacts in their day and long term impact.

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