MP Halls carry the challenge of the greatest demands for temperature control across widely differing heat load conditions in large open areas.

Our Fans can deliver the gentlest cooling effect for religious services, examinations or student study.

At the other extreme, vigorous ball sports can be easily accommodated with the additional occupational health safety factor of reduced perspiration making slippery floors, falls and injuries a much more remote risk.

Our powerful very large PowerfoilX Fans are impervious to ball strikes making them ideal for basketball and other high impact ball sports. Player comfort is greatly enhanced – spectator cooling can also be easily accommodated, as can the silent cooling of notoriously hot Stage environments due to theatrical flood lights.

The amazing performance of the Fans is illustrated by the Powerfoil X 7.3M Fan delivering the same air as 61 Wall-Mounted or Pedestal Fans (running at 80dBA)

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