New from Big ass High and Low bay LEDs

BIG ASS HIGH AND LOW BAY LED’S 20k , 26k , 14K AND 10K Lumen light specifications

Energy Consumption

  • The 20 000 Lumen BA LED uses 194W of power on maximum light output – a comparable 400W metal halide will use 455W (including the ballast) – a 57% energy saving of LED v Metal halide

Lower Maintenance

The new LED fixtures require no bulb or ballast replacements, alleviating the need for expensive re-lamp/repair costs and scissor hire.

Robust and durable

Extruded aluminium housing make for a light fitting that can take impact from sports balls without damaging the fitting.


Our LEDs have a 130,000 or 150,000 hrs until L70 ( the time taken for the light to reduce to 70% of its original intensity ) – compared to 5,000 hrs for the metal halides and 20,000 hrs for Fluoros.

Easy change Lumen maintenance

Trays with options on narrow (55 deg), regular ( 85 deg ), wide ( 115 deg ) and diffused ( 122 deg ) lighting spread

Warranty – 7 years on every component on the light fitting.

The Occupancy Sensor allows for extra energy savings in areas where personnel are not present for long periods – settings can be easily changed through infra-red programmer

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