Our most popular fans are:

Powerfoil X 2.0: 28% increased capacity, Sizes 4.3M to 7.3M Diameter, Weights 127 – 185Kg, 3 phase power, 3.2Amps full load, 10 Airfoils Aluminium, 15 year non prorated warranty.
Haiku 1.5M diameter 4 colours, 80% less energy than all other ceiling fans virtually silent

Essence™ is both an essential money-saving machine and a work of art for commercial spaces, indoor or out. Ranging from 8 to 14 feet (2.4 to 4.3 meters) in diameter, Essence is the first Big Ass Fan that was developed to excel in both indoor and outdoor spaces. With its high-efficiency, sensorless direct drive motor, Essence provides the air movement needed in large commercial spaces. From lobbies, pavilions and music venues to seaside dining and open-air theatres, Essence brings the quiet, comforting power of air movement to any space. In fact, a single Essence does the work of more than 28 standard 52-inch (1.3 meters) ceiling fans at just one-seventh of the operating costs.

BIG ASS HIGH AND LOW BAY LED’S 20k , 26k , 14K AND 10K Lumen lights

Black Jack – Efficient ECM motor uses only 471W at full speed
• 240 volt
• Dimensions 185cm diameter overall size 213cm wide x 198cm high x74cm deep
• Super-solid construction helps reduce noise output.
• Powerfoil-inspired blades provide an optimal spread pattern for maximum airflow
• Ergonomic handles allow for superior manoeuvrability
• Variable adjustable speeds Heavy-gauge steel carriage withstands the toughest environments. Switch on/off controller. Input power 100-125 VAC. Rated for indoor or outdoor use and easy wash-down
• 3 year warranty

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