Installing our fans inside Churches has increased attendance and kept the parishioners cooler for longer.

Gateway Baptist Church reported increased service attendance, while hiring rates increased substantially.

HMAS Watson Chapel Element Fan report: comfort levels improved massively – warmer in winter (fan run slowly) – air less stuffy – delightfully cool and fresh in summer and so quiet!

St Aloysius’ Chapel Powerfoil report – daily services for 550 boys – no more fainting – pleasant, no longer heavy atmosphere.

St Joseph’s Catholic Church Element Fans report– Fans are amazingly effective and definitely not intrusive during Mass.

From the smallest Church to the largest Cathedral we can engineer pleasant, silent and energy efficient cooling solutions custom finished to blend with church decor.

Installations pictures are HMAS Watson’s Bay Naval Base Chapel, heritage listed St Mary’s Maitland, ultra modern Blessed John 23 Catholic Church.