Airaway Pty Ltd is an Australian business specialising in providing economically and environmentally sound cooling solutions for eductional, sports, commercial and religious applications.

We provide a wide range of truly innovative ‘green’ fans direct from Big Ass Fans, Lexington, Kentucky, USA.

These Fans are ideal for use in school halls, libraries, churches, gymnasiums, basketball courts, stables, horse exercise arenas and other large areas which require cooling.

Airaway are very proud exclusive distributors and installers of Big Ass Fans © in defined educational, sports, equine and religious environments in Australia.

Our Fan installations carry a unique full factory backed 10/15 year warranty dependant on Fan Model.

We are often asked about the quirky name of Big Ass Fans – the phrase ‘Big Ass’ is commonly used in America to emphasise the size of something be it a ‘big ass’ truck, boat, building or a fan – eventually the name struck a chord and the company name was changed from the ‘HVLS Fan Company’ to the ‘Big Ass Fan Company’ – the rest, as they say is history!!

These superbly engineered fans quietly deliver high volumes of air at low speeds giving a pleasant cooling effect to occupants.

Our Big Ass Fan range offers a most cost effective, environmentally friendly solution to achieving whole room cooling as opposed to conventional expensive to install, maintain and run air conditioning.

The continually escalating cost of electricity is a serious problem facing all areas of public life particularly School Administrators, our Fan installations deliver serious on-going $$ savings.



Airaway Pty Ltd

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